Independent Passive Income Investment Strategies - because the rest of the time I'm busy cycling

Ex Portfolio Manager and Institutional Advisor that witnessed first hand the 2008 GFC and the 2011 European Debt Crisis working for the most prestigious names in the financial industry. Experience across multiple asset classes. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charter Holder. Fluent in four languages and currently adding some basic Japanese to the mix. Firm believer in Stoic philosophy (read about my Meditation experience and its influence on my investing approach)

Currently on a bike around the world trip in a touring / backpacking mode and cycled close to 15,000 kms over the past year. When I stop cycling I analyse the markets (which I’ve been doing for a living during the past 10+ years), invest and aim to provide some insights here (website created in April 2020)

Cycling toward Financial Independence

The objective of this website is to provide independent insights into accessible portfolio construction techniques for long term capital gains. As such the typical reader is an investor who is Focused on Passive Income (which I tend to think investing is the only real pure form of) and who would like to learn about techniques and instruments to deploy savings for future appreciation while limiting downside risks. Read more about Passive Income Investment Strategies.

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What's in for me?

I don’t use this website for revenue purposes. There are no ads and I pay for the software to keep it running. In fact, I just want to share my knowledge – the only thing that I would love you to do is leave a nice comment on articles / guides that you enjoyed to keep me motivatedΒ 

Good luck with your investments!

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